November 28, 2016

Perfection is overrated. Just do it!

    Have you been sitting on that project for so long, you’re actually losing momentum? I’ve been there, and I understand. But there is only […]
November 3, 2016

Calling all African Christian Writers in the USA!

Are you an African Christian writer, blogger, Author or Aspiring Author in the USA? Please take this survey at Do you write occasionally? Do you […]
July 21, 2016

Free Book/Writing Coaching Session

    Hi, friends! We’re more than halfway through the year and I thought I’d give away another free writing coaching session this month. This session is […]
July 19, 2016

One Sure Way to Find Out Your Purpose in Life

    Just like everyone else, I am passionate about my purpose and the pursuit of excellence and greatness. But I have had more questions than certainty […]
July 7, 2016

Say Yes!

Say yes! “I’ve never done that before” should not stop you from growing, expanding your influence, acquiring new skills and gaining confidence, Take a chance on […]
July 5, 2016

Don’t be generic.

  Seth Godin’s thoughts have haunted me over the past few days. “Don’t be generic.” Don’t just hustle. Don’t simply stand at the corner and wait […]
June 16, 2016

How to Keep Trusting When You Feel Forgotten by God

  You’ve examined your situation, weighed the odds and done the math in your head; life is tough and relief seems impossible. You see it in […]
April 23, 2016

My books are now on!

      Hi Friends! To everyone who has asked about getting my books in Nigeria, there’s good news! You can now get both Ms. Unlikely […]
March 11, 2016

Life Lessons from My Vintage, Multi-colored Top With Huge Holes.

    Have you ever dressed up nicely, looked yourself in the mirror and felt pretty happy only to go out and have someone laugh at […]