Why Do You Want To Get Married?





A friend once asked me a very poignant question, one that made me really stop and think. “Why do people get married?” Yes, I know. It sounds like a trick question. But she sounded really intrigued. According to her, she didn’t like to hear the usual answers people give for tying the knot.

“I just feel it’s time.”

“I love him.”

“We’ve been together for so long.”

“We’re not getting any younger.”

“I’m done with school, I have a job. What next?”

Believe me, some of these answers are perfectly normal and like I told her, she just may never get any overtly intelligent or more extraordinary answers than these.

I want to ask you the same anyway. Why do you want to get married? It is not a trick question. It is just one that’s great for you to examine before you make this important decision.

The truth is that your life is not an accident. Neither is it a statistic. You should not confine yourself to people’s expectations or the general assumptions about life. Do not bow to societal pressure to do this or that. You have a path, carved out by the one who made you. And you bet he was intentional about that.

But if you’re out there and you’re single and waiting for the right man to come along, know that there’s nothing wrong with that. God grants the desires of our hearts when we delight ourselves in him. He longs to give you the tall (er…or short), dark and handsome he has prepared for you. He doesn’t want you to live a miserable life. No. that’s not His plan!

Pace yourself, examine your decisions and desires as you navigate through life. It is possible to let our desire for marriage and relationships cloud our judgment or cause us to lose sight of God’s place in our lives. Women have been known to ignore every good thing going for them just because a relationship is not on the horizon.

We all face unique situations but we serve the same God who loves us and created us with EVERYTHING in mind. Trust Him, He knows.

Look out for the stops and the starts. Pay attention to the forks in the road. What could God be telling you about your times and seasons? What decisions could you make today so you can stay on course with God’s plan for your life?

You negotiate your destiny every day. Your thoughts, actions, and decisions determine whether you’re ready for your God –ordained destiny or you’re measuring your life by someone else standards.

So whether you’re single and satisfied, single and searching, single and tired, single and confused, or maybe even single and angry, just know that not one hair on your head will fall without your God and father knowing about it. And that’s just hair. So trust Him with your heart too.


May all your dreams come true with pomp and splendour!



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