I have found that, as humans, reflecting on our journey, piecing out the highs and lows, the people and places, the successes, and failures, is instrumental in understanding the possibilities of the future. But what if there was a way to make reflection fun and visual? Where you could track the highlights of your life all in one place and use that experience to gain some insight about the future?

This Is Me! is a journal for creative reflection. Think of it as a journal +scrapbook +photoalbum+coloring book rolled into one. The goal is to find creative ways to document your journey and have fun doing it!

from the sidelines

A design guru, a slave turned governor, despondent widows, a bohemian Roman…

These are just a few of the many people who lived and breathed in Bible times and whose lives were significant enough to find their way into the scriptures, for better or worse.

The collection of flash fiction in From the Sidelines takes you through the hearts and minds of these characters. You will not only imagine what life must have been like for them, you will experience their joys, feel their pain, root for them and even wonder what on earth they were thinking. But most importantly you will see yourself in their stories and hopefully come to greater appreciation of the One who holds us all together.

ms. unlikely

Sometimes those who seem most unlikely to get it right, actually do…
Reki Atiba desperately wants a fulfilling career, a significant life or just something she can be passionate about. What she lacks in focus and drive however, she makes up for with her boisterous nature and quick wit. She meets and starts to fall in love with Debo Martins, a dashing 28-year-old Network Engineer who also happens to have a great singing voice. Reki is excited about the possibility of a relationship, until Debo commits the ultimate sin; he tries to fix her!

Can Reki look beyond her insecurities and finally face her crippling fear of the future? Will she look to her widowed mother’s example and take a bold step ahead? Or will what seemed like a small argument keep her from getting what she wants in life and love?

Set in the metropolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria, Ms. Unlikely is the story of a young woman’s search for meaning, fulfillment and love.