This Is Me! By Remi Roy


A Journal for creative reflection

Your past does not dictate your future but it does inform it.
Listen to your life. ~ Jeff Goins

2015 was the worst year of my life. I went from a highly motivated grad student to an unemployed immigrant in no time. I had no money, no confidence, and to top it off was diagnosed with a medical condition that had the potential to impact my life and future.

This was it. I knew I had hit rock bottom. But I wanted more. I knew there had to be more ahead of me. And I knew I had to fight for it. So slowly but surely, I began the long journey back to where I had come. I began to reflect. I wanted to piece out every part of my story. I wanted to remember my dreams, my hopes, my fears. Where had I lost my way? Or was I even lost?
This journey of reflection eventually led to the creation of This is Me! It didn’t start with a structure so I could put it into a journal. It began with a desire, a desire for clarity, and perspective. For redemption and hope. A desire to believe in the good, the possible, the exciting despite learning to navigate the seemingly endlessly meandering road we call life.

If you’re feeling stuck, unable to see a clear path to your future, or just need a reminder of how far you’ve come and the possibilities of your future, This is Me! is for you.

I hope you buy it; I hope you use it, and I hope it helps you become a better version of yourself.

Hi, my name is Remi Roy and I invite you to go down memory lane, savor the present moment and reimagine the future by harnessing the power of reflection.


”The human mind grows by experience, personal and borrowed. But this growth is not automatic. Learning from our experiences isn’t. If it was, we wouldn’t make the same mistakes twice. The ability to self-reflect is the key to that growth; creating the opportunity for us to learn from our experiences and translate this knowledge to others. 
This book addresses a personal and lingering need for me: finding a place to organize my reflections. Like a mirror to my soul, the exercises teased out lessons I never knew I had learnt. Growth happened as I flipped the pages and wrote with honesty. Till I had a book in my hand that captured all the glorious and not so glorious shots of my life. Memories I can now reach back to, for learning and teaching, and for growth.”

Abayomi Ogunwale M.D., MPH