Fellow drifters, let’s create a plan!




Have you ever experienced the drift? You know, that feeling that you’re stuck in a rut in some area of your life? You’re tired of the routine, you can’t catch a break and you just want something to change yet you have no idea how to move forward? I feel like that was my story for many years, but that’s a post for another day.

I have been listening to Michael Hyatt for a while and I came across a video that really made an impression on me. In this video, he, along with Daniel Harkavy, talks about creating a life plan. According to them, this is a simple but ground-breaking exercise that will help you gain perspective and move forward no matter how long you’ve been drifting.

Four years ago I downloaded a life plan template from Hyatt’s website. Unfortunately, I never got to do the much-needed exercise. Thankfully, it’s never too late to get on the right track. I have learned a lot more about why a life plan is important. We plan everything from our days to vacations and academic and professional careers, we should plan our lives too. A life plan incorporates every area of our lives. It helps us do the following:

  1. Clarify our priorities
  2. Maintain balance
  3. Filter opportunities that come our way
  4. Face reality
  5. Envision the future
  6. Avoid regrets.

We all want to live a full and fulfilled life but it never happens by accident. Of course we leave space for spontaneity and ultimately for God to do what He will. However, having a blueprint will take us further than drifting through life ever will.

Please watch this video here for more insights.

life plan
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May all your dreams come true with pomp and splendor!



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