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Hi friends,


Have you ever given up on a dream not because you didn’t think you could do it but because you were overwhelmed by the method, the means and everything you needed to get it done? I have. Sometimes the fear of not having the resources to bring our dreams to life can stop us from taking a step. I’ve been there.

September 2015, I had an idea and I wanted to make it happen. Prior to this time every idea I had got buried for some reason or the other. I was either not good enough to pull it off or the process was too complex and overwhelming. This time, I wanted to go the long haul. It’s amazing the things we will try when we decide to keep going come what may. When we decide that nothing will stop us from doing whatever it takes to make it work.

I set out to make my idea work despite all odds. Was it hard? Absolutely. Did I have challenges? I still do. But what is a dream if we are not willing to see it through? What is the point of having a vision if we’re going to give up before it has a chance to live?

I encourage you to go the long haul with your vision, whatever it might be. Believe for the best and go after it. Pre-occupation over how your dreams will happen might lower your expectations, so don’t worry about what you’ll need or require. Dream big. Do your part. Get started. Learn on the job. Don’t put off your dream any longer! The road will rise to meet you!

What dreams are you nursing? Will you start today, right where you are and watch God do the impossible?


May all your dreams come true, with pomp and splendour!




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