i will not be mediocre by Remi Roy


I am thankful for the eloquence and wisdom of Poju Oyemade. I heard this principle, framed in such a way, from one of his teachings and it has truly changed my perspective.

Why would I limit my future based on my present resources or skills and still expect to do great things? It’s a sad paradox but we do it often. We dream of bright futures and awesome adventures. However, when an opportunity comes that requires us to stretch and reach beyond our current abilities, we freeze. Kilode?

I tried to de-construct this mindset a little, just to see beyond the curtain. Why do I take this route and accept this attitude as okay?

I came up with these.

  1. I was okay in my comfort zone. – I really did not want to stretch beyond what I already knew and had. Even though I said with my mouth that I wanted to grow, I didn’t want to be uncomfortable in the pursuit of more.
  2. I was unwilling to give up what I had. – I felt like it had taken me years and lots of sweat and tears to get what skills, resources and whatever else I had. The last thing I wanted to do was go chasing dreams with them. I’d rather hold on to them and enjoy the sight than give it up in the desire to get more.
  3. I was afraid my skills would never be enough for where I wanted to go. – What if I put myself out there to pursue this dream and I found out I’m not good enough? What if my skills are not sufficient? what if I really do not have what it takes to learn new skills, get new or more resources for where I’m going? What if I fail in the pursuit?

In short, I was scared gutless! That’s why I accepted the status quo. That’s why we hold onto past accomplishments unable to find the courage to strive for more.

For me the remedy was simple. I stopped it! The fear, the small thinking, the unwillingness to be uncomfortable; I have left all that behind. It’s hard work. It requires a lot more mental energy than I would like to exert and a whole lot of God’s grace that I’m forever grateful for.

But I will not be MEDIOCRE!

I challenge you to evaluate your life and where you are on your journey to accomplishing your vision. What needs to change? what do you need to give up? What mindset do you need to adopt?

Whatever you do, stay strong.

May all your dreams come true with pomp and splendour!




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4 thoughts on “I will NOT be MEDIOCRE!”

  1. I remember the days when you were dreaming of where you are today. I commend you for the gut you had to take the bold step. If you had remained where you were, it would not have had as much ‘perks’ as where you are brings.

    You inspired me.

  2. I remember when we were all in the uni. It really takes a lot to look beyond resources and current skills to achieve what we want. I choose to rise above what I have. Inspiring piece! Thanks Roy.

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