Move Beyond Your Fears. Guest Post by Christy Enebeli




Hi Friends!

It’s always great to connect with like-minded folk who are desperate about living out their God-given destiny. Too many people coast through life with little thought for the things that really matter. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I’m all about maximizing potential and taking our personal vision for our lives seriously. So I’m excited to share this piece with you from my long time friend and sister, Christy Enebeli.

Christy is a manager at a tech company, a civility expert & etiquette coach, a role model with a deep desire to help others be their best, a wife, and mother.

I know this short but profound piece will encourage you to go ahead and do something great this year.



Move Beyond Your Fears

One of my resolves this year is to maximize my potentials and capabilities. So I have been taking stock of my strengths and paying a great deal of attention to who I am, why I act the way I do, why I think in certain ways, what my likes and dislikes are. Basically, I want to know ME.

Sincerely, I am awed at my discoveries of how talented I am and how grand I can be if I stay focus to cultivate my giftings.

On the other side of my discoveries is the fear of the unknown that pokes from time to time. The fear of making a mistake, being rejected, misunderstood and of failure.

I do not have a mastery of overcoming my fears yet and I doubt If I ever totally will but I have learned to take the move regardless of my inadequacies.

I have discovered that until you launch out for something you desire, it will most likely not come to you.

I now have new opportunities that had always existed but only became beneficial to me after I started looking and asking questions.

Present yourself with the gift of fulfillment in 2016.

Go write that book, release your album, make new friends, learn a new skill, stretch for more and say NO to fear.You will be amazed at how boundless you are.

I am on my journey already and it has been eventful so far. Whatever you do this year, make sure you move beyond your fears.

See you at the top!

Christy Enebeli

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