Chasing Failure by Ryan Leak


chasing failure


Hi Friends,

I recently heard a concept that changed my perspective. What if chasing failure was the quickest way to win? What if we stopped chasing after success and simply tried the things in her hearts that others consider ‘too much’?

The question ‘what would you do if you knew you could not fail’ held new meaning for me when I read Ryan Leak’s book, Chasing Failure.

I watched the documentary and thought what he did and the lesson he tried to pass across was really neat. However, reading the book took me to a whole other level. I have always been a dreamer at heart, but now I feel more energy and strength in my heart’s ability to dream even bigger and crazier.

I learned that when we put fear aside and when we stop worrying about what everyone would think of our decision to pursue whatever we want, only then are we ready to really live the limitless life.

Have you ever voiced a dream, a plan or ambition and someone laughed in your face? Did it hurt? Did it make you wonder what on earth you were thinking to be dreaming such things?

Then you need to read this book and also watch the video.

It’s amazing the places we would go and the things we would try if we were just willing to look foolish or risk being accused of doing ‘too much.’

Ryan took his dream of playing in the NBA to the height when he randomly emailed several teams asking for a shot. It didn’t make sense. But he wouldn’t have met the people he met, played with the people he did, even if for a day, if he never took that ridiculous step.

I’m inspired to think even bigger and crazier. Are you?

Watch the video below. And get the book on Amazon. It is so worth it.


May all your dreams come true, with pomp and splendor!





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