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I just read about the story of the 23-year-old Liberian woman who fearlessly cared for her Ebola-infected family during the severe outbreak last year. Hospitals were closing down and the ones that remained open were overworked. So Fatu took it upon herself to look after her family. It did help that she was a nursing student and must have known a thing or two about outpatient care, but what struck me was her fearlessness and determination. She didn’t just curl up and watch her family die. Everyday, several times a day, she would don her protective equipment made of trash bags, boots and gloves and care for her patients. Three out of four of her family members survived. But more importantly, she nursed them back to health without getting infected herself. How amazing!

Now she gets a chance to train, learn and develop new nursing skills at Emory University in Atlanta.

It is amazing how hard times, and difficult situations have the potential to bring out beautiful things in our lives. The educational system in Liberia has taken a hit and schools are closed, but Fatu gets to learn from the best. This happened because she held on when it would have been permissible to give up. What a great story. I wish her all the best!

Watch a snippet of her story on CNN here

It is sad that sometimes we let the very situations intended to drive us to our destiny and purpose in life become our undoing. We bulk under the weight of unmet expectations, but who told us to put an expiry date on possibilities, beyond which we will not dare to believe that our lights can shine?

I learnt something from Fatu today. Hope you did too?

May all your dreams come true, with pomp and splendour!





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