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I have had struggles in the past with accepting myself just the way I am. I have made huge strides but everyday is still a learning curve. I strongly believe that my purpose and destiny in life is tied to my ability to look beyond my self imposed limitations and take a huge step of faith. In order words give myself a chance to succeed, get out of my own way.

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Society tells us ever so subtly that certain traits of characteristics are better than others. Certain skills are more important than others. This is not a new concept. To tell you to accept who you are without societal prejudices will make me sound like a broken record. Unfortunately, even though we hear it often it is somehow a hard concept to grasp and fully adsorb. Why?

Ever wished you could trade your gift of organizing and leading for someone else’s singing talent? After all there are hardly any reality shows that celebrate the organized woman but the girl with the sultry voice? She’s a star!
Ever wish you were the girl in the office who could organize office parties with the efficiency of a drill sergeant so all the dudes could talk about what a wife material you were? But you’re stuck with your working knowledge of Excel and accounting packages as if that was enough to secure you a second look from that tall fine brother who just joined the management team.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be better than you are but wanting to be someone else, so you could have someone else results, life, popularity? Now that is nothing but a wild goose chase. Give it up. It’s hard? I understand.

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