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Every so often we come across people with whom we connect in some way or the other. I have been blessed with such people, from friends to family to awesome women who are mentors and destiny helpers. But until now I haven’t found someone who I could truly connect with as far as the pursuit of purpose and excellence is concerned.

I have experienced deep feelings of confusion and directionlessness (I hope that’s a word 🙂 ) about what and where my place on this vast earth is. I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy yet have been fiercely drawn and pulled by the desire and drive to do more. I refrained to talk about it too much to avoid sounding like a broken record to people around me. And somehow I never met anyone who admitted to feeling this way or had the presence of mind to put it in clear words. Until I met Angelia Trinidad.

Now to clear things up I haven’t met her personally but having read her blog and followed her company, I truly connect with this amazing young woman.

You’re probably thinking, so who is Aneglia?

She is the CEO of Passion Planner, a company that makes products that are best described as a ‘Life Coach in your Backpack.’

What I want to highlight in this post is her thought process on the post-grad feeling of directionless floating and how it birthed an amazing dream that has helped many people today.


Please read her article below and you’ll totally understand what I mean.

At the beginning of 2013, while suffering from the feeling of “directionless floating” caused by post-college uncertainty, I realized that I was clearly not the only person facing this feeling. I felt like I had done everything right, graduated from one of the best universities on the planet, made “proper career choices”, and followed my passions, but still something was wrong. I was stuck, I was scared, and I had no idea which way I wanted to go next.

Read the full article on her website 


May your dreams come true with pomp and splendor!



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