#DearBiblePeople, we’re more like you than we thought!



Hello Friends,


Thanks for reading my blog today. I’m excited to introduce a project I started off a few months ago. It’s called #DearBiblePeople.

I love connecting with the Bible in new and fresh ways and I realized that learning from Bible characters is a great way to actually learn and understand how God works and deals with His children.

The idea behind #dearbiblepeople is to distill the lessons we can learn from Bible characters; those we know so well and those we may never have read about. The content on dearbiblepeople.com will encourage you to pick up the Bible for yourself and experience the life in it’s pages; the life lived by people just like you and I.

Every post has an image with a quote presenting the ideas surrounding the Bible character’s specific experience. There is also a short exposition (or devotional if you will) to help us process the information and lessons learned from the character.

It’s been fun working on this  and I hope you will check it out, follow the blog and share with your friends.


See you there!

May all your dreams come true, with pomp and splendor!








Before you go:

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