Last week on Dear Bible People… (2nd week Oct, 2015)


This idea behind #dearbiblepeople is to distill the lessons we can learn from Bible characters; those we know so well and those we may never have heard about. The content on here will encourage you to pick up the Bible for yourself and experience the life in it’s pages. The life lived by people just like you and I.

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#DearJehoshaphat, bad company still corrupts…



#DearMary, the plan was simple…

mary dear bible people


#DearNaaman, God is not complicated…

namaan dear bible people

May your dreams come true with pomp and splendor!



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2 thoughts on “Last week on Dear Bible People… (2nd week Oct, 2015)”

  1. Thank you Remi Roy for Dear Bible People. I am blessed by every post I read. I am inspired to study the bible with a renewed interest and zeal for details that will enhance my understanding. I am a better person each time I read from #dearbiblepeople.
    What are you waiting for folks? If you haven’t subscribed yet, you are missing a very vital source of godly inspiration for each day! Thanks again, Remi.

    1. Thanks Precious! Sorry for the late reply.
      So glad you’re blessed by the content. Just like you I live for learning and growing more in God’s word.
      Thanks again!

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