Of Friends and Brothers, Dreams and Nostalgia…




Great friends are a treasure. A priceless treasure.

Today I stumbled on a saved document containing a chat session I had with a dear friend years ago. In it we joked and talked and laughed and goofed around. But more importantly we shared dreams. We talked about fears and hopes and dreams.

We shared life.

Reading those words brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy. Not just for the fact that I was challenged again by my own words and my friend’s comfort and wisdom, but also for the fact that I had such an amazing person to share my thoughts with.

Ironically, I have only seen this friend a few times in my life but the  impact of our friendship goes deep.

Anyway, enough of the reminiscing.

I saw a line of encouragement in that chat which I wanted to share. I had been talking to him about how I needed to find direction in my writing. How I needed to know what I was about and work towards that. And my friend told me this.

…God’s revelations do not ever come in one volume but like little pockets of lights, little photons of illuminating ideas and pulses of inspiration; he leads the patient and obedient servant unto the perfect day.

How awesome to read these words today!

We may not see the big picture all at once but with patience and obedience to God, it becomes clearer with each step. I think this is true for us all. Such a great reminder.

God bless you Abayor!




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