No more school! We’ve learned it all?

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*I wrote this short piece a while ago. Read it again few days ago and I just had to re-post.


No more school! We’ve learned it all?

Proverbs 2:6- “For the Lord gives wisdom, from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.”

Imagine that the peculiarities of our situations automatically conferred the wisdom needed to navigate them, what a ridiculously easy life we will all have!

Imagine that just being a parent meant you immediately had all the skills, wisdom information and knowledge needed to raise your child right. Or being a husband meant you knew just what to do to make your marriage work. Oh, how awesome it will be to be a student if just being called one or enrolling in school meant you had all the information to be garnered all at once. Yeah, right? I thought so too. Then the question will be, what’s the point? Why would you waste money and time in the classroom if your teacher had nothing new to teach you?

I got fresh insight while thinking of James 1:5. “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God who gives generously…” Peter must have known that we WILL lack wisdom. You’ve just got to lack it. Seriously. Look at all the situations that life throws you every day. Look at all the roles you perform; Mother, sister, friend, daughter, employer, employee, neighbor, teacher, student, even stranger. How do we think we can navigate all these without help?

Think about this. There so many marriages in distress today. So many couples wise enough to seek counseling and help. If they knew all they had to know just ‘cos they were married, wouldn’t life be all honky dory?

Wisdom is the principal thing! I have learnt that stopping to ask the Lord for grace and wisdom for everything isn’t being slow or indecisive. I need Him. I need His Wisdom. I can’t survive any other way.

Having some huge decisions ahead of me this is even more poignant now.

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