One sure way to find out your purpose in life.

One sure way to find out your purpose in life.

If you’re self-aware, deliberate in your desire to make an impact and are not simply drifting through life, then you’ve most certainly asked the question, “What am I doing (or going to do) with my life?”

That might be the easiest or the most difficult question you will ever ask, and the reasons for that are pretty obvious. The consequences of that decision are far reaching having the potential to affect your quality of life, level of fulfillment and how you will be remembered long after you’re gone.

No pressure.

You’ve no doubt read lots of books and articles on finding and following your passion and purpose. You’ve probably also tried a few different things; college degrees, careers, mission trips, volunteer activities all in a bid to try to figure it out. I have, too, and I have come to one conclusion:

My purpose is found in the place of passionate, daily pursuit of God.

You see, I grew up seeing my mother pursue God with all her heart. She was all my siblings, and I had as we had lost my father months before I was ever born. My mother was my mentor. I saw her passion for God. More importantly, I saw that while things were difficult from time to time, we always made it through and difficult times did not stop her from being a blessing to others and teaching and encouraging God’s people. I wanted that. So I began to pray. I remember one week in my first year in college when I prayed so intently and passionately for God to show me my purpose. I wanted to know in clear terms what His plans for my life were. What I would do and in what way I would touch lives. The answer came in a matter of days, and it wasn’t what I was expecting. As a matter of fact, God sent someone to deliver the message, someone in another city whom I wasn’t even close to and hadn’t seen for months. The Lord told me ‘Don’t worry about purpose. Simply follow me and do whatever I say to do per time.” That was the day my perspective changed.

I believe that purpose is not something you find at the top of a mountain or in the midst of a strange community of people. Purpose is your journey through life, with God.

It is the stops and starts, the winding path that builds you up and fulfills God’s ultimate plan of which you are a part. Following that path will mean you leave an indelible impact on your sphere of influence no matter how large or small that is.

So rest easy.


If you’re daily following the Lord, doing His will, walking with Him in the little details of life and seeking His face in everything, He will take you through the path He has destined for you.

The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him. Psalm 37:23 (NIV)

 He will give you direction and tell you what’s next as long as you’re listening and tuning into Him. If you hear nothing for long periods of time (and that will happen) trust the process; keep on working out the last instruction He gave you. Do what your hands find to do and do it diligently. He will never lead you astray.

Okay. This sounds simple and easy, you might say. Simple, yes, but never easy. Why? Because we get distracted! We take detours, doubt His love, retreat in fear, follow plans we conjured up for ourselves or worse still get caught up in comparing our life with others or following paths laid out for us by other people. That’s what really makes it difficult. That’s what messes things up and makes us tired and question whether we were made with a purpose or not.

Your purpose is to do His will and follow Him every step of the way, wherever He takes you. The journey might take you through the pulpit, behind a mahogany desk on Wall Street or through the dusty streets of a rural community; but one thing is sure, wherever you go your heart will be full.

So trust God. Trust His process and plans for you. Seek Him with all your heart and watch Him use you like He really wants to.

May all your dreams come true with pomp and splendor!



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