Follow Your Feet Podcast: Episode 1

Every week on Follow Your Feet, I will share insights and thoughts on how you can make the best of every day and so fulfill your purpose in life. My goal is to demystify purpose, success and the road to achievement. To help you see that doing that great thing you’ve always dreamed about doesn’t have to be so complicated as long as you take deliberate steps every day to make it happen.

In this first episode, I talk about the concept of following your feet and what it means for your life and future.

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Until next time, keep following your feet!


Remi Roy


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8 thoughts on “Follow Your Feet Podcast: Episode 1”

  1. Thanks Remi, this is so encouraging. It’s necessary to ulilize every opportunity, the outcome may not always be favorable, but there are lessons to learn in the process. Like you said ” Follow you your feet” It will definitely lead you somewhere…. Doing just that hon! Thanks once again.

    1. Thanks, Lessi! Thanks for listening. And yes, there are always great lessons to learn from taking determined steps.

  2. You know i am proud of you.. great work sis?? I found purpose last year at 33?? I am here to impact and teach in different capacities.. i learned that different people find their purpose at different times in their lives and thats great, as long as it is found, it doesnt matter when! Everybodys race is unique and we should all run at our own pace?

    1. Thanks, Sis! I remember that conversation last year when you mentioned the journey to discovering your purpose. So glad to know you. Thanks for listening! 🙂

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