Destiny, the only reality.




Every little girl has a dream growing up; whether it is to be a doctor, a dancer, the first female to do something really awesome or to simply be like her mother.

Dreams are essential. They are like little guides that point us to significant paths on the road to destiny.

Not all dreams will be achieved just the way it was thought out by the dreamer, because dreams may change and evolve. However, no genuine well-intentioned dream is invalid, and it should be a crime to suggest that to any young heart. But life seemingly does that, doesn’t it? Life hits us hard in places we least expect. We have these great dreams and childlike faith about the things we want to achieve, but then life happens and slowly, we begin to let go of the fire, the light in our eyes. We become cynical and, as we like to call it, ‘realistic’. We decide it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. But we do not stop there. We combine all that with our observations of the unpleasant experiences of others and we conclude that dreaming, surely, must be for little girls.

How sad. How so sad that the very situations intended to drive us to our destiny and purpose in life tend to become our undoing. We bulk under the weight of unmet expectations…

but who told us to put an expiry date on possibilities, beyond which we will not dare to believe that our lights can shine?

When did we lose our childlike faith, the youthful enthusiasm that just assured us that we could do anything? Why did we pick up the seeming reality and cynicism of adulthood, drop our dreams, snuff out the lights of hope and decide that the rat race is our saving grace. Why did we lose that inner glow, the pure enjoyment of watching life unfold one day, and night, at a time? Why did we lose our instinct?

But we have, haven’t we? So much so that when the chance comes to revisit that youthful dream we just don’t see it. We are too busy chasing the Joneses.

I do not deny that the demands of our time can weaken even the bravest of hearts but nothing great ever came out of an easy life. We were born with precious destinies, complete with all that we require to make the journey happen. However, gold must be refined for its value to emerge. We must accept the refiner’s fire. We must rid ourselves of every unhelpful and pessimistic mindset so we can recognize the golden moments that come our way.

I pray that your heart and eyes will be open to all that has been put inside of you. I pray that you will begin to see the possibilities that abound in your life and around you. I pray that you will begin to take the first steps to achieve that dream that you have labeled impossible, because you can, and you must. Other destinies depend on it.

May all your dreams come true, with pomp and splendour!

God bless you!

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