Story is Power: How A.D. the Series Moves Me.




If you grew up reading the Bible or have been exposed to the Bible one way or another, I have a question for you. Well, a few actually.

When was the last time you read about the Apostles or the Disciples of Jesus as you may call them and felt their pain? Did you imagine how stupid they must have looked to others when they left their jobs and followed Jesus in order to begin to ‘catch’ men?

Did you imagine how scared, confused or helpless they might have felt when Jesus was taken up into heaven and they were left to defend his honor (in the eyes of men) and the message of the Gospel? Or do you only see them as the great Apostles who were mighty men of valor, speaking fearlessly, healing the sick and being generally untouchable as no one could live up to their achievements?

Story is powerful. Perspective is powerful.

Perspective is what I tapped into when I wrote the stories in ‘From the Sidelines’.

Perspective is what I see in the representation of the Apostles in A.D. The Bible Continues, the TV series produced by Mark Bunnet and airing on NBC.

Every Sunday I sit down to see a powerful visual representation of the things I read in scripture about these great men. And for the first time I imagine and have an almost visceral reaction to what life must have been like for the Apostles during such turbulent times.

It makes me appreciate even more the power that creative people have. As a writer I can create content that is so compelling it takes the reader to a different world. Entertainment today is a gazillion dollar industry because of this same ability to appeal to people in a way nothing else can. That piece of music, that book, that movie, that play is telling a unique story. A story that can change someone, influence a situation, give hope, foster unity, glorify God or, unfortunately, do the exact opposite of all these.

I chose to give life with my writing.




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