Epiphanies on the Beach: How I Got My Groove Back?

My life isn’t perfect.
Duh! Like you thought it was. The past few years have been tough. Like wondering-what-the-heck-is-going-on tough. Crying-with-snot-in-my-nose tough. Yes, I do that.
But lately, I got tired of feeling like a victim. It sucks to wake up everyday holding the short end of life’s stick. (Couldn’t find a better way to express that thought.) I needed a break, a drink (and I don’t even drink) or a vacation.

I got the latter when Florida happened to me. I found myself on the shores of Gulf Breeze beach, in a condo overlooking the ocean. No. It’s not my condo, but it could be. Ha! I’ll tell you all about how that happened some other time.

But the point is, a few days off gave me the time and space to see my life for what it had become, an endless race chasing a nameless, faceless thing and losing badly at the game. Something had to change. Something did change. I changed.

I decided to pick up where I had left off. I decided to go back to the time when I believed there was magic in life, and love and the pursuit of purpose and fulfillment. Not that I stopped believing that. I had simply forgotten that it was possible.

Unfortunately, this is not a blockbuster movie. I can’t show you the outcome of my epiphany in a few minutes of screen time. But hopefully, someday soon, we can vacation together, and I’ll tell you all about it.

For now, I’ll leave you with this thought.

It will feel like it’s killing you slowly; to wait, to hope, to dream, to work, to try. But trust me, there’s no other way to be great. So go. Be great.


Had any epiphanies lately? Let’s trade stories.

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Remi Roy

9 thoughts on “Epiphanies on the Beach: How I Got My Groove Back?”

  1. Thank you for writing this.
    Epiphany : life is happening now, life is not in my regrets of yesterday, nor in my worries about tomorrow, life is now, being present now and maximizing each moment and stage of my life is « Living ».

  2. Jodian Chuck-Smith

    Hey Remi,
    I am a young, wife and entrepreneur who still struggle to find that balance between my skills, passion and pursuit. I recently was faced with a life and death situation (Ectopic Pregnancy) and was glad to get out alright but it has caused me to look within myself to have that one on one talk about what I’m really called to do.
    Keep sharing your story with us so that we will continue to be inspired and encouraged.

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