5 Day Challenge for Aspiring Authors. Day 5 | Jumpstart!

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Today’s challenge: Jumpstart your writing project!

In my years as a professional writer, I have come to learn one thing; getting it right is the enemy of getting it done! Don’t wait until you think you know everything there is to know or have all the right tools or resources. Start where you are. Start today!

If you’ve spent many weeks, months, or even years thinking and dreaming about the book you want to write, let today be the day you take the first step. Here are a few things you can do today to jumpstart the process:

  1. Write down the central topic or idea for your book.
  2. Decide when you are most alert and what time of the day you write best.
  3. Make an outline of the ideas you absolutely want to include in your book.
  4. Start researching or brainstorming about how to expand on your thoughts.
  5. Think about your readers’ needs and how you can best serve them.

Pick anything on this list and start there. Write that first word, sentence or paragraph and keep going. You can do it!

Also, you can get my free 5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Writing Project Checklist here. It has more information on these steps and task lists to help you maximize the process.

Do you need more help to jumpstart the process? Do you need a coach to hold your hand and guide you through the writing process as you invest more time to getting started on your dream book? I’ve got your back. Check out my coaching packages for more information or email me at remiroy@remiroyonline.com.

May all your dreams come true, with pomp and splendor!

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