3 reasons to write your book blurb even before you finish your book

3 reasons to write your book blurb even before you finish your book

If you’ve ever written a book (or are working on one), you know that good intentions are hardly enough. You need more than the desire to be an author to keep you going until your manuscript is complete. There’ll be distractions; you’ll lose focus or drive or simply get overwhelmed with the process. It happens to the best of us.
Writing is an involved craft, so it is important to find ways to encourage yourself as you work on a big project. You can do this by envisioning the final product. One such way to do this is to write your book blurb (or about the book content) even before you complete your manuscript. Here are 3 reasons why this helps.

1. Think of it as a visual aid or a tool to motivate yourself on the long, arduous journey of writing a book. Hopefully, writing your ‘about the book’ text will make the goal real and attainable for you. You can do a mock cover with the book blurb, print it out and be inspired.

2. It helps you clarify the essence of your message. Much like writing a summary of a paper, writing your book blurb forces you to think about the essentials of your story, which in turn helps you stay on track as you write.

3. It helps you think about your reader’s needs. Book blurbs are essential to a book as it is the first place potential readers turn in order to get more information about a book. It is essentially a marketing tool that will determine whether your book is picked out among so many others.

And no, it doesn’t matter that you haven’t completed your book. The book blurb is not cast in stone; you can always change, tweak or update it as necessary.

Try it.

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