Purpose Anthologies is Now Available!



Purpose Anthologies is now available! Yay! I’ve been working on it for many weeks now, and I’m so happy to share it with you.

It is a collection of personal life journeys with a goal to encourage you on yours.

You see I’ve been on a journey lately where I have been discovering more about myself, my dreams, my goals and more importantly, my purpose.

I came to these conclusions:
1. Purpose is a journey. Duh, right? Well, I always knew that, but it didn’t make sense for me until very recently.
2. It’s okay if you haven’t found your ‘purpose’ or that one thing you’re really passionate about.
3. Making the best of every day and every opportunity is the most important aspect of this journey.

I got together with some friends, and we wanted to create something to encourage you on your own journey. How best to do that than to tell our stories? And that is how Purpose Anthologies was born!
I want you to understand that life is not a linear path, so if it seems like you’re going round in circles, do not despair, there’s more ahead of you than there is behind you. Let these stories encourage you on your journey.

Click here to get Purpose Anthologies now.

Please share with your friends and family. And don’t be shy to let me know what you think about it.
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May all your dreams come true!


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