2015: The Bollywood Movie That Made Me Think About My Purpose


A few weeks ago I watched a Bollywood movie titled Swades, and it made me think. It is the story of a young Indian, Mohan, working as a project manager in NASA.

On a trip back home to India to reunite with his beloved nanny, Mohan came to a rude awakening about the plight of the people. During his short stay, he challenged age old traditions, fell in love with a long lost friend and mobilized an entire village to create their own source of electricity.

However, the time came for Mohan to return to the USA and a battle raged. To leave or to stay?

If he stayed he would leave behind the privileges of life in America. If he left he would leave behind a budding love and the chance to make a big difference in a small place.

I haven’t faced such dilemmas and I am fortunate to have the one I love close to me, but I realize that, just like Mohan, I face a daily battle much like his own. The battle all too familiar. To be or not to be?

To be requires that I leave my comfort zone and risk losing something. It requires that I task myself beyond my normal limits; that I make certain choices even when I would rather not.  It requires that I take the path less trodden and make a big difference in a small place.

But not to be? That’s easy.

All I have to do is go with the flow. I don’t have to bother my pretty head about the grander issues of life. I don’t have to wonder if I’m being true to myself, my dreams and abilities or not. I can just wave off those things that tug at my heartstrings, take a chill pill and just trudge along with everyone else.

Then all I’d be doing is making a barely noticeable difference in an overwhelmingly populated space.

The choice is always mine.

As 2015 starts I’m taking stock and making plans. I want to own my space and make the difference I was born to make. The road may not be easy and I may have to burn the midnight oil.

But that’s okay. Anything other than that is to be ordinary, mediocre, just … bleh.

I encourage you to take stock too. And make that choice.

To be or not to be?


Happy New Year people!



2 thoughts on “2015: The Bollywood Movie That Made Me Think About My Purpose”

  1. Nice article! Now you make me want to see the movie just like I was looking for Wong Fu on Youtube years ago (do you still remember them?). May 2015 be a year of great accomplishments for all of us!

  2. Thanks Tosin. The movie really touched me. And yes, Of course I remember WongFu 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great year ahead!

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