10 Best Writing Tips I’ve Found

10 Best Writing Tips I’ve Found

Every writer needs help; tips, advice, encouragement and support. Below are the 10 best writing tips and advice I have imbibed. They are simple but profound that’ll help you become a more effective writer.


Andrew Motion

  1. Decide when in the day (or night) it best suits you to write, and organize your life accordingly.
  2. Think with your senses as well as your brain.
  3. Honor the miraculousness of the ordinary.
  4. Remember there is no such thing as nonsense.

Annie Proulx

  1. Rewrite and edit until you achieve the most felicitous phrase/sentence/paragraph/page/story/chapter.

 Henry Miller

  1. Work on one thing at a time until finished.
  2. Don’t be nervous. Work calmly, joyously, recklessly on whatever is in hand.
  3. Forget the books you want to write. Think only of the book you are writing.

John Cage

  1. Consider everything an experiment.
  1. The only rule is work. If you work it will lead to something. It’s the people who do all of the work all of the time who eventually catch on to things.


Number 10 does it for me! Commitment to the work is crucial and I work hard to keep it going.

Which of the above have you lived by? Share with me in the comments.


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