Step out in faith. Pursue your dream. With Juliette Bush

Do you ever wonder what it takes to get up and pursue a dream? Especially one that you are convinced God has laid on your heart?

On this episode, I chat with Juliette Bush, an author, entrepreneur, and missionary about the process of pursuing a dream and how to get better at saying yes.

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What’s Your Soul Thing? | Episode 11


We chase many things in life; money, peace, love etc. Yet it’s possible to have a great job, a comfortable life, a loving family and still lack a sense of fulfillment. What happens then? On this episode of the podcast, I explore what it means to have a soul thing that brings you fulfillment aside from everything else in your life, and what that might look like for you. Please listen and share.

How to like what you do even when you don’t love it | Episode 10

Do you have a job that you don’t particularly enjoy? Are you in a difficult season of life and you find it hard to live in the moment and just be happy? On this episode of the Follow Your Feet podcast I talk about ‘How to like what you do even when you don’t love it.’ Please listen and share.