When greatness isn’t what you think it is.

What’s your definition of greatness? Growing up, I had differing definitions at various times in my life. There were times I thought it meant getting good grades at school. At other times, it was studying to work in a certain field and a host of other things. I know better now. Greatness isn’t a time-stamped, location-based factor. It’s how we live every day significantly and with purpose. It’s making decisions that count and being bold enough to be what we were created to be.

On this episode, I share my journey and how greatness and living on purpose came to take a different meaning in my life.

I hope it helps you gain a fresh perspective on the greatness that lies inside of you.

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Working from home: Is it all it’s cracked up to be? With Deborah Makuma

Ever had a desire to ‘work from home?’ Do you know how possible that might be depending on your educational background or occupation? Have you considered the pros and cons? Do you have the discipline and commitment to make it work? On this episode, I chat with Deborah Makuma, a mom, blogger,  professor, and author. We address the common misconceptions about working from home, the do’s and don’t and how to achieve optimal productivity, the reality of such a situation from a busy mother’s perspective and what you need to know to transition to such an arrangement.

You can connect with Deborah via the following links:





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Navigating Self-Doubt With Tochi Eze

Do you ever experience a nagging feeling of incapability and uncertainty, especially where your skills and abilities are concerned? Do you find yourself constantly procrastinating on your goals and ideas? Hiding away from volunteering or performing? Tochi Eze says it’s a sign of self-doubt and it’s time to let it go.

On this episode, we talk about self-doubt, how to spot the hidden signs, how to navigate it and ultimately live beyond its limitations. This episode will open your eyes to the signs you may have overlooked and empower you to take action on the things that matter most.
My guest, Tochi Eze, is a writer, speaker, and media strategist and brings so much wisdom and insight to this topic.
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A Trailbazer’s Manifesto with Ayanfe Lawal

Few people will be trailblazers, going where no one has gone before. Few people will choose to endure the uncertainty and challenges that come with defining a path for themselves as well as forging one for others. If you’re one of the few, this podcast is for you. On this episode, I chat with Ayanfe Lawal, a trailblazer in her own right, boldly following her unique path and leaving her footprints in the sands of time. Ayanfe is a Diction, Elocution, and Social Polish Coach and has a lot to give.

Learn what challenges you might face as you follow your own unique dream. Please share.

Visit Ayanfe at quintsdiction.com or on Facebook as Ayanfe Diction Coach Lawal.


Making space for your dream in the face of adversity. With Patricia Jones

What happens to your dreams when life deals you lemons and you’re in the midst of pain and difficulty? How do you keep from throwing your hands up and giving it all up in those moments when you can’t find peace and hope seems to be a distant and disloyal friend?
Join me as I chat with Patricia Jones, a woman who knows what it means to go through hell and come out smelling like heaven.

Also, You can visit her at apurelove.com and get her book A Miracle in the Making on Amazon. It will bless you.

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Success, Comparison and Knowing When to Quit. With Super Working Mum.

Are you chasing success and becoming discouraged because it seems to be a moving target? Could it be that you have an unrealistic expectation of the timing of success? Is there ever a good time or reason to quit a dream? On this episode, I chat with Detola Amure aka Super Working Mum about these fundamental issues that are vital to living a fulfilled life. Join us as we explore this topic.

Also, Detola has an interesting challenge for you. Let me know what you think. 🙂

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Dreams and Family Ties with Julia Sanna

What happens when your loved ones don’t see or believe in your dream? Do you have to get their 100% buy in before you venture out? What fears might your family and friends have about your ‘big dream’? How can you get them to see and believe in the goal you’re pursuing? These are vitals questions you must answer in order to preserve your relationships even as you pursue the dreams in your heart.

In this episode, I chat with Julia Sanna, a licensed marriage and family therapist about getting loved ones on board with your dream.

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Prices and Priorities with Efrat Avnor

Let’s talk about the price of success. Are you ready to give what it takes? Do you know your red lines? Have you set your priorities and decided on what you will not give in exchange for success and all that comes with it? On this episode, I chat with Peak Performance Coach from Isreal, Efrat Avnor. Join us as we explore this crucial topic.

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